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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Where oh where did my focus go?

I am trying to figure out exactly when I lost the ability to focus. In specific, to get a task done without being sidetracked. I suspect menopause is the cause of this disappearance, but then again, I blame menopause for everything that's gone awry, (memory loss, facial hair growth, sleeplessness and other stuff that I already forgot).

Yesterday was a perfect example of how my focus wandered. I was so annoyed about the Ellen and the Rescue Dog story on TV, I decided to write an email or post an item on my blog. Early in the morning, I started to do just that. I wanted to include a picture of my adorable Rescued pets. I decided to use a photo that is on my website, so I went to that site. Since I haven't used or updated my website in quite a while, when I opened up the site, I noticed that a number of links were broken and information needed to be updated.

I decided that it was a good time to launch the Frontpage program and edit my site. It has been so many months, I have temporarily forgotton how to use Frontpage, and I have no recollection of what userid and passwords I used to access the site. In my search for a valid userid/password, I discovered a repository of critical web development information that needed to be sorted and organized. So I sorted those files and finally found the information I needed. It is now mid-morning.

Back to Frontpage to see if I can recall how to manage that program and update my web pages. Right off the bat, I notice that the picture of me on the "about me" page is badly out of date. I go searching in my photo files for a more current picture.

I find a current picture but it needs to be "Photoshopped" a bit to be appropriate. I decide to do something "arty" so the Photoshop process takes many hours. It is now mid-afternoon, and my Blog item about Ellen and the Rescue dog is not finished, the photo of my rescued dogs is not uploaded and the Photoshop picture is not finished. Grim.

I go back to Frontpage and almost re-capture the process I need to use in order to edit my webpages. Almost, but not quite. By now it is late afternoon and I know I need to feed animals and family their dinner.

Thank goodness I am retired.

It is now the next day, and I have finally finished the Photoshop pictute, I have created the Blog page and included the dogs' picture. I still have the whole mess of editing the website and re-learning Frontpage ahead of me. I just spilled some granola and in order to clean it up I need to: find the vaccuum (and the bag is full); find the vaccuum bags and since they are low, I should probably order some more online, but I can't remember where I got them... you get the picture. There's no telling how far off track I'll get today.

There once was a time when I could decide on doing a task then actually get it done from start to finish. Then there is the whole "mulit-tasking" thing, but I digress....

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