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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beauty products from our youth

Recently, I recalled a beauty product from my youth. It was called Tangee lipstick and when a wearer put it on, it would turn to a unique color based on the chemistry of the wearer. For many of us in the 1960's, Tangee was the first (and sometimes only) makeup we were allowed to wear, since it produced a "natural" look. Nevermind that my particular chemistry made Tangee lipstick appear to be an unattractive bright orange on my mouth. Tangee was like a lipstick "mood ring".

Much to my surprise and amusement, I saw a recent catalog from The Vermont Country Store and they are selling Tangee lipstick. They are known for reviving and selling products that have been off the market for many decades. I'm thinking of ordering a lipstick to see what color it turns to these days.

The catalog also advertised "Evening in Paris" perfume, in the bright blue bottles. I think every one of our school teachers received an Evening in Paris gift set for Christmas each year. My recollection is that the perfume smelled rather like an evening in Paris with a prostitute, but our teachers were very kind and expressed great pleasure with our holiday offerings, bless their hearts. I'm also thinking of ordering a bottle of the fragrance to see what it really smells like these days.

I am also racking my brain to think of other products that have disappeared since my youth and might be suggested to the Vermont Country Store for re-vitalization. They did bring back AquaNet hairspray and many other "oldies but goodies".

The Vermont Country Store is a great resource for those of us "baby boomers" who are trying to recollect aspects of our youth.

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